For those new to the area or thinking of moving to Kempshott this is a guide to services in and around Kempshott. For Kempshott residents it provides a starting point for finding information on basic community services.

Community Magazine

Kempshott has the best community magazine in Basingstoke (but we may be biased)! Delivered free to all  households monthly in Kempshott, and a few adjacent districts, this is full of community news and events, and useful information.  Online copies are available HERE, and the Editor can be contacted  at  The Kempshott Kourier .


Kempshott has its own primary schools, although over half the pupils come from outside the ward.

There is a choice of state secondary schools in west Basingstoke – the three nearest are:

The nearest RC Primary School is St. Anne’s in Pinkerton Road and the nearest RC Secondary School is Bishop Challenor in St. Michael’s Road.

Pre-school nurseries

There are many pre-school nurseries in the ward and in the adjacent area.

Local Shopping Centres

While Buckingham Parade is the local shopping precinct in the middle of Kempshott, the services are limited.

A small parade of shops on Pack Lane in the north of the ward and  Buckland Parade shops on the north east periphery are also used by Kempshott residents.

There are no local shops in the southern half of Kempshott but the pedestrian underpass under the A30 gives access to the Sainsburys supermarket and Hatch Warren Retail Park.


Church of EnglandSaint Mark’s, Homesteads Road

MethodistKempshott Methodist Church, Kempshott Lane

EvangelicalBuckskin Evangelical Church

Roman CatholicSt. Joseph’s in St. Michael’s Road

Community Centres

Kempshott is a hive of activity, with the Community Centre function  spread across several sites:

Kempshott Village Hall towards the north

The Ridgeway Centre in the north, in Buckskin

Old Down Hall in the south of the ward

There are also activities based in the church halls.  To see what is going on at each venue, see each website.

General Medical Facilities

The Camrose, Gillies and Hackwood Partnership is the primary care partnership which covers all of Kempshott and adjacent wards, with medical centres adjacent to Kempshott in South Ham  and Brighton Hill and a centre adjacent to Brook Vale near town centre.

The Beggarwood Surgery, south of the A30  also serves Kempshott as well as Beggarwood and Hatch Warren,


There are pharmacies at the Brighton Hill and South Ham medical centres and at the local Sainsburys supermarket in Hatch Warren, with Chemist’s shops in Brighton Hill Shopping Centre and in Beggarwood shopping centre.


There are dentists at the medical centres in South Ham  and at the  Gillies Dental Centre in Brighton Hill and over 20 other dental practices across Basingstoke Town.


There are 2 mobile podiatrists in the Kempshott area – Penny John ( 01256 467912) and Sarah Sadler (07916 253618),  a podiatrist practice within the Acorn Health Partnership premises at Essex Rd, Brook Vale as well as The Foot Clinic in town centre and  several other podiatrists.

Sports Facilities

Kempshott enjoys a regional sports centre in Down Grange Park which covers athletics, rugby, football, hockey and other sports. Stratton Park accommodates football, cricket and tennis. See details under individual sports. You can find out about all the dozens of sports clubs and leagues in the Basingstoke area at The Basingstoke Sports Council.

Public Transport

Buses go along the A30, along Kempshott Lane and along Buckskin and Pack Lanes; most buses take you to the town centre but you can also get to the hospital on one service. Visit the Stagecoach website for more information.

Refuse and Recycling

Borough contractors ( Serco) collect general waste (black bin) weekly and basic recycleables (green bin) on a fortnightly basis. For details of timetables and FAQ go to borough website

They also collect green waste material fortnightly – but this is not free – to sign up for the collection go to

The waste recycling centre, run on behalf of Hampshire County Council, is at Wade Road – for details go to

A plastics recycling scheme is operated by  Bead Recycling of Overton with regular collection timetables, much more detail HERE. This is not free either but takes much of the stuff  the borough facilities do not take, ( see list on their website at recycling-items ).