Steering Committee  

For the first 18 months, the implementation phase of the KCP was directed by a Steering Committee which met 4 times per year.  Minutes of these meetings are  posted on this website.

The standing members of the committee were: Chairman: Walter McCormick,Treasurer: Coral Iles, Secretary: Marion Wolstencroft, representatives of each working group and representatives of the community( including Councillors).

Documents of Record:

  1. Inaugural Meeting May 2018
  2. Mtg 1 Sept 2018
  3. Mtg 2 Dec 2018
  4. Mtg 19 March 2019
  5. Mtg July 2019
  6. Mtg September 2019
  7. Mtg 20th October 2019

From 20th October 2019  the implementation teams and their future work  will be secured by Plan Implementation becoming a Sub-committee of  the South Kempshott Community Association (SKCA) which currently  manages the Old Down Community Hall but is destined to  increase the range and scope of its activities in the future.

Communications and reports of the implememtation team will continue to be posted on the Plan section of this Community Network  website and  contact will continue to be via the existing email account.

 Traffic and Transport WG

Members : Peter  Wilson , Heather Rainbow, Marion Wolstencroft

Documents of Record:

1. Meeting with local Authority officers re cycling strategy and cycleways

2. Response to BDBC Consultation on Transport Strategy – Jan 2019

  Green Environment WG

Members: This working group is resourced by the 5 voluntary nature conservation groups in Kempshott:     Old Down & Beggarwood Group,Fuzzy Drove Group,  Kempshott Conservation Grouup(Down Grange), Friends of Stratton Park, Silvermead Hedgerow Group.

Documents of record:

  1. Work Plan and Priorities 
  2. Mtg July 2018
  3. Results of  consultations  with residents arround Gracemere Green and Heron Green
  4.  Notes of meeting with borough Parks & Greenspaces Team   

Wellbeing & Community Facilities WG

Members: This working Group is resourced  by  the two village halls, Kancare, Diana Manville and others as required.

Documents of Record:

  1. Work Plan and Priorities

 2. Kempshott Mens’ Shed

3. Kempshott Daytime Club

Built Environment WG