For  more details of action plans and progress reports for the 4 implementation teams scroll down this page … meeting reports and other notes are held as PDFs and can be accessed from HERE:

Team A :   Travel and Transport

Theme –   A safe and sustainable travel network for pedestrians, cyclists and  motorists

The various Action Plan points have been grouped into a small number of key issues to be pursued and a  priority/timeframe assigned to each – details are HERE.

Progress to Date

For almost all issues regarding transport and travel the relevant authority is Hampshire County Council. In July 2018 the group met with Borough and County officers regarding cycling strategy and cycleways – notes of this meeting record the bureaucratic difficulties of change outwith a new  housing development and the lack of manpower resource in Local Authorities to undertake the necessary work.

HCC later held a public consultation on the  proposed redesign of the A30 from Brighton Hill Roundabout to the Golf Course which also included  minor changes to pedestrian and cyclist  routes at  major road junctions. Various possible scenarios were presented – the final design will be announced in the future.

Public Transport  issues have been brought into sharper focus by the organisational changes currently under way in NHS Primary Care – local GP and Medical Centre Services.  Changes in the location of primary care services makes the public transport nework even more  important. The Patient Participation Group for Acorn Health Partnership – our main local medical services provider – is actively pursuing service and access issues with  the Borough Council and Stagecoach.

Discussion with HCC  of the various traffic issues within Kempshott have not yet taken place- scheduled for 2019.

Team B: Green Environment

Theme –  Quality green spaces for people, wildlife and access to the countryside,

The various Action Plan points have been grouped into a small number of key issues to be pursued and a  priority/timeframe assigned to each – details here.

Progress to Date

The  team were very active over summer 2018 with consultations  around the Gracemere Green and Heron Green  to gather residents input on design, features and management of these green spaces. Detailed proposals can be  found here.

In the Autumn a meeting with Borough Parks Dept. reviewed these suggestions and how they could be implemented. In 2019 it is hoped to work with residents’ groups like SCRAG and the Borough Parks staff to improve the quality of these green spaces.

In November the team also held a meeting with Borough staff and representatives of the adjacent Community Plan teams. We are pleased to announce that Stratton Park will be the subject of significant park upgrade funding in the near future – Friends of Stratton Park and the South Ham and Buckskin Community Plan Teams will be involved in the design and planning of this refurbishment. For more details consult the  Friends of Stratton Park website.

Team C:  Social and Community Facilities and Services

Theme:  A neighbourly, engaged and active community with the facilities it needs and desires,

Progress to Date

The team for this working group has been working since September when the Action Points were reviewed  to establish a set of priorities and actions. Several schemes are now being pursued to further these points.

The Stratton Park Men’s Shed Group has been  running since February 2019 in the Scout Hall, Stratton Park with great success, and now meets on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday mornings each week.

A daytime social club has started in Kempshott Village Hall – August 2019 – meeting each week and providing a full programme of activities and themes selected  by its members. The club meets 10.30 – 12.30 each Wednesday morning.

See  What’s On for details.

Team D: Upgrading the built environment

Theme: A built environment for current needs and lifestyles.

This team has not yet met and needs the input of residents who want to  improve the  facilities within the ward and where they are located.