Developments Round Kempshott

There is a lot going on in Basingstoke which will, or may  perhaps, affect Kempshott Residents and  it is not easy to keep tract of these when  sudden  announcements and media attention is followed  by long periods of  silence…( silence does not mean nothing is happening, it’s just  not in the public arena).

We support  SWAG ( South West Action Group) as our representatives in this arena – they do an excellent job in representing residents interests and  holding the two local authorities to account in their planning and monitoring roles, but  the power in their elbow is down to the level of support WE give them.

SWAG’s website has all the latest news on  the Hospital Site, Warehouse Site,  Manydown  and next Local Plan as well as the existing  developments ( Golf Course  development, Hounsome Fields, Anaerobic Digester, completion of Island Site and motorway service area) here.

See the SWAG website for details of future developments and how they may affect us,

these include:

A30 north side:  Hounsome Fields

A30 south side: Golf Course Site

M3 Junction7 : Development of Warehouse complex       (details on C A G E website)

Next Strategic plan proposals for SW Basingstoke


Kempshott has a Community Plan, developed and publish with the borough council in 2018.
 –  it sets out the vision of Kempshott residents for the future, grouped under  4  themes::
  • TRAVEL   A safe and sustainable travel network for pedestrians, cyclists and  motorists.
  • GREEN ENVIRONMENT  Quality green spaces for people, wildlife and access to the countryside. 
  • WELLBEING   A neighbourly, engaged and active community with the facilities it needs & desires.
  • FACILITIES  A built environment for current needs and lifestyles.
Implementation started in 2018-19 and collapsed in 2020 with the pandemic  and everyone’s attention moved on to other things. Activities and progress to the end of 2019 are sumarised here. The details of the committee and working teams and what they achieved are recorded here.
Life moves on….although aspirations and needs remain pretty similar….