In 2015 a group of local residents who believed that their community  should work towards a better vision of the future started the process of creating a Community Plan for Kempshott.

Kempshott is a long established  community  – once surrounded by green fields and now almost entirely surrounded  by other neighbourhoods -we hang on to our cherished green spaces and  look to protect our quality of life while  urban development continues around us.

We completed  the Kempshott Community Plan in early 2018 which  summarises the aspirations of residents and was  built on a very substantial level of participation by all elements of the local community. In 2018 we are beginning the implementation phase  –  which will take  a number of years  and involve  working with  local authorities and other agencies and 3rd sector organisations. We, as a community, need to take the initiative in ensuring that our needs are addresses ….. squeaky wheels get attention!

In the absence of a  Parish Council, currently, our only mechanism for doing this is  the combined efforts of  Councillors, Residents Association and the Community Plan Implementation Team.

The full details of the Community Plan as published and its evidence base are available to all on the website:

The work of the Implementation Teams in pursuing the  actions requested  will be reported on this website on the Kempshott Community Developments pages ...HERE

We also  provide a dynamic gateway to bring together information on all the  activities and services in Kempshott and the many groups and societies  which are active here. There is a lot going on – in Kempshott Now.

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