What is the Kempshott Community Network?

KCN started as the communication channel for the Kempshott Community Plan – but has now moved on to being the online  vehicle for comprehensive community information – linking all residents to all the community facilities and activities  going on in Kempshott.

It accepts no advertising, it carries no political messages, but is there to link  residents  to  community groups and activities and other community websites etc. as best it can.

Kempshott is a long established  community  – once surrounded by green fields and now almost entirely surrounded  by other neighbourhoods -we hang on to our cherished green spaces and  look to protect our quality of life while  urban development continues around us.

Kempshott Developments   

A number of  major developments arround Kempshott will affect us – details of what and where in this section.

The Kempshott Community Plan was completed in early 2018 which  summarises the aspirations of residents and was  built on a very substantial level of participation by all elements of the local community. Implementation began in 2018.

Full details of the Community Plan as published and its evidence base are available to all on the website: https://sites.google.com/site/kempshottcommunityplan/

A synopsis of the Plan and the team are held under Kempshott Developments on this website..HERE

Kempshott Now.

Kempshott Now has 3 parts:

  • links to  principle activity centres websites  (Kempshott Village Hall, Old Down Hall, The Ridgeway Community Centre)  so you can see what is on where,
  • an index of activities, hobies and interests a which  links to the local group for each subject area,
  • information on basic services for Kempshott residents and where to find more information.

To update  Kempshott Now or add new items  to this website section  use the Contact Us page... HERE

Kempshott Now Relaunch!

Just for 2021 we have added a special page   which  provides the opportunity for any community group or service to ‘flash announce’ their relaunch details –  who, what, where, when. 

Each announcement consists of  a posting on the Relaunch Page backed up by either a link to their own website or facebook page, or a single page hosted on this website to your specification if you do not have any existing website or facebook presence  people can be directed to. This is free of charge in 2021.

To use this facility Contact Us on email: kempshottcommunitynetwork@gmail.com – heading your message Kempshott Now Relaunch.